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Deep Analytics

Futuristic Technology

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Tailor-Made Approach

Hello. We’re ‘The Realm’, An Organised Creative Brand Building & PR Agency.

We Build Legendary Brands. We Help Clients Communicate, Engage And Build Relationships.

Digital & Non-Digital Footprints Exclusively Developed & Managed.

Talk To The Right People, At The Right Time And At The Right Platform With The Right Content.

Aligning Futuristic & Progressional Methods.

Real-Time Update And Availablity Round The Clock.

Every Brand Has A Persona. We Just Make It Brilliant

Industries & Sectors

Entertainment | Hospitality | Health Care | Life Sciences | Engineering | Technology | Retail | Energy | Food & Beverage | Education | Political | Governmental | News Media | Fashion | Consumer Durables | Real Estates | Financial Services | Non-Profit | Tourism | Manufacturing

Powered by SENSES™
Technology & Intelligence at its best

Our platforms are built using cluster of Artificial Intelligence Algorithms, which would automate the process of learning based on public behaviour

Its All About The Brain

Every strategy is based on Public behaviour and response with an essence of Neuro-Marketing. A lot of studies in ‘The Realm’ goes in the process of understanding the decision-making factors which influences the human mind.

Strengthening Communications

Bridging Communications between a Brand and People or Business to Business and leveraging it to the next level. Providing brands Crises & Risk Management Communications with Rapid and Strategic responses through the life cycle of reputational risk. Rational Solutions to situations from the court of law to court of the public.

On AIR™ Analytics
Real-time Analysis & Reporting

We analyse data at real-time to a specific requirement & Targeted Segments. Thanks to our cluster of Deep Data Analytical Tool

HOLMES Research
We begin from Inception and Decode the Past

Our research team would crawl through the data right from the inception of the brand. We care every detail and every event.

Reputation & Trust

When a brand builds the reputation and trust, it has already earned the licence not just to operate but also to lead. We work closely with our Clients to build the brand’s good will on all the digital and non-digital platforms.

We Make It Beautiful

The Vision

We bridge the necessity and the availability for a brand. In our game, Consumer is the Real King. A Unique Concept, Robust Technology, Pangaea Connectivity & Deep Data would be the Queen. Creative Strategy, Behavioural Science, Neuro-Marketing & Intelligence would play a Jack. These Royal Members as a Family would be the key to open up the door to the new era of Brand Marketing and that’s our mission

The Philosophy

We believe in Change because change is Evolution and evolution is inevitable. We must evolve.

About 'The Realm'

The Trust Factor

Trust is an ecosystem built by every individual for another individual who would keep measuring its sustenance. We know the trust importance.

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Public Relations

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