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We Are THE REALM, An Organised Technology Based Creative Brand Building & PR Agency.
We Build Legendary Brands As A Magic!

The year 2008 is when we began this everlasting journey. The events that have created history and also the minds, have made this journey legendary. Here you can witness the strong pillars of our empire and the legacy thus built. The Realm has always left its trail, marking our ways of doing things differently.
The Realm, has its glorified panache in the fields of Public Relations, Manufacturing, & endless Technology and is constantly enabling thinking minds through its Capital ventures. We take this opportunity to give you an insight on the ‘what, how and when’of our services and support.
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360 Degree PR

‘360 Degree PR’ is a plethora of Public Relation services packaged with Marketing Psychology, Business Logic, Technology, Strategy, Creativity and above all, Intelligence. We believe that an effective PR strategy demands the understanding of the goals and challenges of each individual business, and therefore we work very closely to get to know our clients and ensure our PR strategies work effectively to suit their needs. We create a strong Eco-system for every client and enhance their Brand and Identity while consistently resonating with the Values and Reputation our clients dearly hold.


We offer customized Enterprise Applications for businesses. Enterprise Application is a complex software that requires a methodical approach to its functionality. Designing and developing an Enterprise Application entails fulfilling numerous individual requirements. The truth is that every business, irrespective of size, needs an Enterprise Application to sustain aggressive competition. We constantly update ourselves with newer & more ‘cutting edge’ technology and ensure we compile these together for your needs in a timely manner.


It certainly will not be wrong to say that “We breathe Manufacturing, we have always done”. Manufacturing has been the backbone of The Realm ever since its inception. We ’travel’ the globe to bring quality and perfection while ensuring due consideration to cost and price. The world is one super continent to us when it comes down to Manufacturing. Wondering what industry we specialize in for manufacturing?! Well, let us know your requirement and as we source it for you, you will be assured that our products display our diverse specialties.

Realm Capital

Markets emerge as dynamic adjustment processes without the inherent abilities to establish and incorporate productive innovation. The breaking of newer grounds, through pioneering innovation, must take place outside of the existing markets. We partner with innovative start-ups, facilitating Business Capital and Expertise.

Intelligence with common sense is a rare Commodity and We trade it Wisely



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